The NC Friends of Agriculture Foundation’s primary charitable purpose is to identify and secure support to use in educating an increasingly urban society about agriculture and its importance to our freedom and national heritage.



While North Carolinians are fortunate to have much of their state’s history preserved in museums and libraries across the state, there is no single facility or collection whose sole purpose is to preserve the unique and storied history of the wide diversity of agricultural production that has occurred and continues to occur in this state, or to educate the latest generation on the marvels of both historic and modern North Carolina Agriculture. 
In 2007, Commissioner of Agriculture Steve Troxler directed that a Master Plan be developed for the N.C. State Fair, and the development of an agricultural museum complex was an important part of that planning process.
The NC Friends of Agriculture Foundation will support many initiatives, the fruits of which may not be seen for generations.
Yet at a minimum, its principal purpose will be to facilitate the creation of an agricultural museum complex on the North Carolina
State Fairgrounds which…

  • will be capable of hosting hundreds of thousands of visitors per year
  • preserves the historical significance of agriculture in this state and, where appropriate throughout the country
  • is interactive
  • is supported by both public and private dollars
  • is a place that will make farmers and all North Carolinians proud of.


Help Us Build It A Museum of Agriculture for NC